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Postcard "Snowman-wiper @ Moika river" 2016-11-07T21:41:16 2021-11-07T21:41:16 95922 http://radario.ru/events/95922 -: Санкт-Петербург, Санкт-Петербург, В. О., Средний просп., 76 59.9376443274566 30.2604675390625
Postcard "Snowman-wiper @ Moika river"
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Postcard "Snowman-wiper @ Moika river"

Postcard "Snowman-wiper @ Moika river"

This is Lucas. He is working as wiper during winter time as he wants streets and embankments to be clean from snow. So, no one will slip!

Picture is created with love, especially for #englishsppeakingquestandotherevents project, painted with watercolor by talented Saint-Petersburg watercolorist and printed on high quality carton. We hope you will enjoy! We can deliver retail or wholesale worldwide
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