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Annual Pass. Plus One
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Annual Pass. Plus One

Annual Pass. Plus One

Plus One: all privileges apply to the pass owner and one more guest.

The Annual Pass activates automatically the next day after the purchase. 
Please note that when purchasing an Annual Pass Gift Certificate, you have to fill in your e-mail address in the field “Purchaser’s e-mail”. All the other contact information should belong to the future Pass Holder (“E-mail of the Certificate Recipient”, “First Name and Last Name”, “Telephone”). To make sure your surprise succeeds, please carefully fill
in the information in the certificate form!

You will receive an e-certificate to the specified e-mail address after the payment confirmation. This certificate needs to be exchanged for an Annual Pass card at the Erarta Museum ticket office: 2, 29th line of Vasilievsky Ostrov, St. Petersburg. All Annual Pass holders have the privilege to use our dedicated Fast Track Queue.

The personal cardis ready 24 hours after the purchase.

To collect your Annual Pass card, please bring an identification document with you. In case you can not collect the card personally, please indicate the name of the person who is going to collect it for you in the “Notes” section of the card application form.
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