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Sensation. Wicked Wonderland 2015-06-12T22:30:00 2015-06-13T00:30:00 14296 http://radario.ru/events/14296 Olympic Arena: Olimpiyskiy pr., 16с1 Moskva 55.7810818115697 37.6259963598022
12 Июня, начало в 22:30

Sensation. Wicked Wonderland

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Sensation. Wicked Wonderland

12 Июня, начало в 22:30

Sensation. Wicked Wonderland

Radio Record and ID&T for the eighth time host in Russia the world's leading dance event Sensation. For the first time in history, the festival will take place in Moscow, at the stadium "Olympic". 

In 2015, for the first time Sensation will come to Moscow with the show «Sensation Wicked Wonderland» based on the story of "Alice in Wonderland". Wicked Wonderland is a place full of secrets and surprises, rewarding the curiosity of those willing to lose themselves. 

Expect a giant butterfly stage in the center of the Stadium. Mythical figures from your dreams fly through the air. All combined with a unique lightshow, lasers, confetti and a booming sound system: in the summer of 2015, thousands of people from all over Russia and the Middle Europe will become a part of a fantastic white night full of mysteries. 

Sensation is considered the World's Leading Dance Event. One of the most important things in all Sensation shows is the white dress-code which gives the feeling of unity to all guests. Rotating central stage allows great DJs to work very close with the audience. 

The show Wicked Wonderland was technically updated especially for Russia.
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Место проведения

Olympic Arena

Olimpiyskiy pr., 16с1 Moskva


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